Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekly Update



I had a fitting for a new costume at Ten31 productions

It's very cirque du soilel/acrobat style.

We will be wearing silver elk and unicorn masks
I also went to a David Bowie themed dance night. Tons of fun but no photos yet.  Ok. Gotta get back to editing. I only have two weeks


This week I got a call from Trent's speech teacher telling me he's graduating the program :-)  I'm so happy with how far he's come!!!  He also is starting with sight words and learning to read.  Time flies!!  Trent is the ring bearer for my friends wedding in April and he is super excited.  Chase is potty training, on his terms of course.  He'll be 3 in April!! As long as he can run around bare butt he'll go on the potty and asks for a diaper sometimes.  If he's like Trent, he'll decide on day to stop wearing diapers and that'll be that! Kayla has come out of her cocoon lately.  The phone rings more for her then me!!  Another social butterfly. Hailey has been busy with friends, homework and newspaper club. She has 3 articles to do for the next middle school newspaper!  Oh and she is a vegetarian now.  Her love of animals is far greater then her love of steak!!!!  Phase???!!  Sean started his foreman job again.  Long days :-(  I helped plan Laura's  jack and jill with Laura and Heather.  On the way there our truck told me to shut the engine off, no oil pressure. Heather and I had to sit and let it cool down a few times.  Total of an hour and a half!!!!!!  Dad came and looked at it for me!!  The good thing is Sean has his work truck.  It just needs an oil change but wow, that sucked!!!!!  And our new computer crashed :-(.  Best buy is exchanging it for us today though :-) on a better note, I think I found a laundry system that will work for us!!  And I started pilates again.  Love pilates!!! 

This coming week........start selling girl scout cookies, stick with my 2 vigorous laundry days, continue pilates, get a massage.  Get truck done today, van done this week, get vegetarian cookbook.  PTA, bridesmaid meeting, get bridemaid dress.  I'm sure there's more in there too!!! This Is My Life :-D  !!!!!!!!


Day late, which sucks; but I have a hard time getting these typed up
when the kids are buzzing around, wanting my attention, or just
refusing to sleep.  Archer finally gave up and went to bed at 1am, so
I didn't have a chance to get to this.  The week was a little meh,
overall.  Sunday we all slept in, since we were up late on New Year's
Eve - we had some friends over to play D&D.  It could well end up
being our family tradition.  I didn't see much football, you know,
with the lack of my television and all that, but I did watch one of
the later games on the tiny, 20 year old TV in my bedroom while I did
laundry.  Allison came over to spend some time with the kids, they
seemed to have fun.

Monday was the highlight of the week: Carrie and her kids came up,
bringing the Xmas gifts from Colorado.  The boys were appreciative of
the clothes, and even more so with the gift cards - they were quickly
turned into the new Mario Kart for the 3DS and a gaming headset.  The
flashing helicopter that Kim sent me was a big hit - almost literally
a few times.  I also was able to get some funds towards my new
receiver - once I do the research on what I want :P.  I nicked my
fingers for a split second with the rotor blades, not a good feeling,
but no blood drawn.  Later, McGuire walked into the path of a downed
chopper, and felt the blades against his ankle.  The big scary moment
was when Trent was looking at it on the counter, and Archer asked if
he could play with it for a second.  I told him not right now, which
he interpreted to mean "sure, grab it".  When he did, he bumped the
throttle, making the blades start spinning within about 6 inches of
Trent's eyes.  I was very much not pleased, and chewed Archer out over
it.  Near-blinding aside, it was a great visit, even without a fancy
TV to show off.   The rest of the week was work, school, homework,
insomnia and some sleep.  Booooring - sorry.

I take that back, a little.  Wednesday, my main complaint for the last
month finally got resolved.  On Tuesday, I asked Best Buy about
returning the TV, even if it had been "serviced", and since it was
still within 30 days, it was no problem.  I called the service center
on Wednesday morning, and after getting some flak for wanting to just
pick the TV back up, and informing them that Thursday was too long to
wait, I got hung up on... But the TV was put back together when I got
there, and I was able to get it back to Best Buy without a problem.
By bedtime, I had a replacement, fresh out of the box, hung on the
wall.  It is almost odd to not have something to complain about,
almost.  I put links in the last post, links to pictures of the living
room as I moved everything around, and a couple with the TV on the
wall.  I am attaching them this time.

Saturday was nice in that we literally didn't do anything.  I think
maybe one load of laundry got washed.

Jake at Cooper Mountain.  Enjoying the day.

I got Christmas totally put away with Dave's help. The kids went snowboarding/skiing with Dave, including Rachel.  She took lessons and had a GREAT day.  I got through a MASSIVE filing/To do pile while they were gone.  Did not practice poker.  Started to plan for Rachel's birthday party.  Cleaned the church bathrooms...seems like we did this not so long ago.  I thought it was only twice a year...hmmm.  Some people must not be pulling their weight.  Enjoyed a mellow schedule without much going on...just in time to receive the soccer training schedule.  It starts next week!  Phooey.  
Ben learning his S-turns in his new gear.  Looking good.

Rachel learning to "shred" as her brothers say.

Rachel was concerned about the red rental skis with her outfit.  Glad her instructor was a woman who understands such things and was able to commiserate.

This coming week will be crunch time for Rachel's Jungle Party.  The invitations are out and of course I'm worried no one will come...she invited her ENTIRE class of 19 kids and I'm worried about NOT having anyone here.  Why?  Who could say(a professional might be warranted here)...irrational, but true.  I always worry about that.

Should be fun preparing for the party.  I have big crafting plans.  We'll see what I can accomplish while still managing other mom duties.