Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Weekly Update


I really got a handle on Christmas to-do projects this last week and I officially spent more time at home than in the car and out and about.  I wrapped 90% of what needed to be wrapped and helped Dave with a minor construction project...maybe it's not so minor since it's not done yet.  I made a creme brulee cheesecake to celebrate Dave's birthday and delivered our Sub-for-Santa gifts.  

This week is the kids' final week of school before a LONG winters' break.  I will get the teacher gifts wrapped up and delivered.  I will mail off packages to family.  I will likely finish wrapping.  I will get all our Christmas cards in the mail.  I will attend a Relief Society party and a middle school band concert.  Go french horns!  I will absolutely finish all my shopping.  I like giving myself a hard deadline.  Last year I had everything done by December 21 and it was lovely.
Then there will also be the usual mundane like laundry, groceries, vet, wait around for delivery of a safe, blah, blah, blah...here's to a productive week!


This past week has been the adventure of a television.
Monday I get a phone call while at work from Allison: the TV has apparently given up with the whole "displaying pictures" thing.  She tells me that the sound is still working, but the picture is gone, regardless of the input option.  While this really sucks, it drives home my hope to get an upgrade to the home theater.  Tuesday I decide on a TV to get, and put the order in with Amazon, delivery expected on Friday, between 3 and 6pm.  Since I ordered a flat-screen TV, with plans to mount it on the wall, I knew that the remainder of the week would be a lot of hard work, getting ready to change the layout of the room.

Most of the goodies that I ordered along with the TV arrived Thursday, so I had a nice pile of boxes, just missing the televsiion, so Thursday was TV moving time.  After work, I got home and started with the task of rearranging my living room.  The first step was taking the huge and heavy TV out of the entertainment unit.  See here.  That wound up being one of the easiest steps of the night.  I put the TV onto a small tabble, so I could watch some football while handling the rest of the room.  Step two was to clean out the corner where I would be putting the entertainment unit.  Sadly, I neglected to get a good picture of just how bad it was before hand, but if you have seen pictures of Stalingrad towards the end of WWII, you have a good idea.  When it was clear, I got the picture.  Next up was to move the actual entertainment unit over to the new location.  Looking at the picture of where I took the unit out of, I don't know how I managed to move it - there is a lot of stuff all over the place most of the night.  When you see where the entertainment unit ended up, you can see at the bottom of the stairs about 50% of what was in the corner where the unit ended up. 

Friday, with the room pretty much ready, I left work early so that I could be home in time to accept delivery... which never came.  I called Amazon at 6:02 (yeah, I got impatient) and they confirmed that there was a problem with the delivery - it was now scheduled for December 16th.  Naturally, this was not going to be alright with me, so I went on a bit of a customer service quest to get it fixed, or as close to fixed as I could.  After some communication, I got Amazon to try to get it sped up to a Monday delivery, along with a 45 dollar credit.  I felt somewhat better, but after thinking about it for a while, decided to go with a local delivery.  Dad offered to come up with his truck so we could get it Saturday, and I got it up that night!  While watching Back to the Future on TV, I finished getting the room organized and mostly set up.

Sunday was pretty much spent relaxing around the house, McGuire had the Sweenys over, and Archer is slowly working on his homework - still is now, actually.  He may never be done - may God have mercy on his soul.

This week I got good news. My computer just needs more memory. And that is it. Plus it's only about $25. So it is ordered and on the way. Now I can do more creative stuff on my MAC, which is the point right?
 I went down to NYC on Thursday to see YELLE in concert. A French dance/pop group. AMAZING, very fun. I killed to faggots with one stone by doing my fitting with designer Ben Chmura. I will be walking in his Styleweek show in January. The stuff is super modern street wear. I'm VERY excited and inspired by his clothes. Lots of treated fabrics.
Then last night I was THOR with a VALKYRIE at Harvard. It was a graduate student event that took place in their cafeteria which looks like its straight out of Harry Potter. We were at the entrance....we were in the middle of the dance floor....it was great

I came up with my next concept for performance art. Under the name Kurt Fowl in the subways of  NYC I would like to be bird like characters that hand out notes to passerbys. So I've been writing little quotes to make people think or feel positive about their day. I need to work on those costumes. I ordered a body suit that I will paint.

 This week I'd like to sell some paintings. I've sent out messages to people that I am selling them dirt cheap. Other than that I have no goals. I've done much as of late. I should make a goal for myself to REST!!! (which prolly won't happen)

NYC was awesome!!!  We stayed at the Trump Soho, corner room on the 37th floor.  I got to look out over the city all the way to the Empire State building.  Beautiful!! Soho was the perfect place for us to stay and shop and walk.  Love the cobblestone streets!!!  Except in heels.  I still suck at heels, but I shopped and walked in them for 3 hours, an all time record for me :-)  The Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall was spectacular, the backdrops alone is worth going for!  Got some Christmas shopping done but could have and should have bought more.  So many perfect finds.  If we had more time I would have gone back to a few shops.  Really wish we were filthy rich at a few swanky boutiques!!  Blissful, although I started gushing over other people's kids probably freaking them out.  I missed my babies!!

As for the rest of the week, it feels so long ago.  Who cares if I'm thirty!!!  Hailey had her chorus concert.  She was heard through the whole concert, and the 5th and 6th graders were really good!!  I made fudge for the PTO to sell and it was a hit.  Kayla has been on and off not feeling well so she got a little extra Mommy time last week. Chase is counting and signing ABC's a lot, as Mom can tell you.  He did it for her from 4 to 530 am!!!!!!  Lucy brought the kids to the Congregational church and they were in the Christmas Pageant.  Trent was a donkey, Kayla a sheep and Hailey an angel.  Wish I saw that!!!  Sean left his job as foreman to go back with his old crew.  He is very happy!!!  He would have been laid off till March otherwise and now he's getting 20 hours of overtime a week again.  Good timing!!   I'm such a lucky person!!
This week, finish cookies!!!!  Drop clothes off for donation, wrap presents and finish shopping.  Chaperone movie night, muchto Hailey's dismay, and show my babies how much I missed them by playing playing playing!!  Starting tomorrow, cause I'm exhausted!!  :-)