Monday, December 26, 2011

Weekly Update


The beginning of the week was a Ten31 job.  The video doesnt really show the snow well(Sorry, Kurt.  I could not figure out, for the life of me,  how to post the video) ....but the girl i was working with Simara and i were birch trees in the one point we really had a "moment" slow dancing in the was very magical.

There is a woman i work with named Lois....she is the person i get along with most.  I think she is the best person there because she makes everyone who works there or is a client, feel like the most important person in the world.  She liked one of my paintings that she saw on facebook so I gave that to her for Christmas....she is a Jew....but thats ok  :)  She was very moved by it and was almost in tears.  It was the first time this season that I got in the Christmas spirit, and in a way felt the way that she probably feels when she makes someone feel so special.

Christmas was fun with the Goins...all the kids had a fun morning.  I was glad i was there, but it was an EARLY morning.  After the Goins' i went to my friend Katies families house.  they have an open house every year and i know everyone in the family...the best part was playing that game where you write a famous person or character on a sticky note and stick it to someones forehead...we played about 7 rounds of that....a very simple game, but very fun!!!!  I then drove the 2 hours home with a headache and feeling nauseous.  a TRUE Christmas tradition for me!  :)

This coming MONDAY and Tuesday i am filming the HOUSE of CACH promotional video!  so i REALLY need to get as much done around the house with cleaning and projects so that on Wednesday i can concentrate on EDITING!


We had a great time in Disney World.  The parks were not all that busy and the weather was BEAUTIFUL.  I'm glad we decided on Florida for this December trip-the weather was so much warmer than California.  And Disney really does know how to make things magical...

The trip was a huge surprise and a great way to spend our week before Christmas although we missed out on some of our usual "traditions".  We arrived home around 10pm on Christmas Eve and found new pajamas waiting for us.  Thanks, Grammy!

We made it to church for our 10am sacrament meeting and enjoyed a lovely program.  The irony of it is that much of the world ONLY attends church for Christmas but we attend every week.  When we have to attend on actual Christmas, we (especially my kids) feel like it is an imposition.  Ironic, and a little annoying.  Whatever.  We made it happen and in the end everyone agreed it was not TOO disruptive to our pajama-wearing, gift-unwrapping, laze-around day.

I'll post more on our trip later next week when the kids are back to school.  (That's not until Thursday, January 5th actually.  Can you believe it?)


Some pictures that Kurt sent...