Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Seoul Grand Park

On our first full day here we celebrated the American Labor Day holiday by visiting Seoul Grand Park with Annee's family and some other families from the base.

Their "Grand Park" offered rose gardens, petting zoos (featuring animals with odd hair cuts), a dolphin show and a complete zoo, among many other thing. It was fascinating and very clean.

The weather started out a bit rainy but as luck would have it, as soon as we purchased ponchos to protect from the rain, it cleared up. I'll take a 3 ounce poncho for 2000 won and clear skies any day! (The exchange rate is about $1 to 1200 won.) It was the perfect introduction to a city that has been coined "not quite right" by Americans.

I ordered a traditional Korean lunch item call bibimbap. It was completely delicious with white rice, fresh vegetables, a little seaweed and a fried egg. So yummy.

It's been fun to see how the Koreans love little blond Ruby and Jane and how friendly they are to foreigners. It's a great adventure.


Anonymous said...

i am so glad you are having fun. keep blogging we love to see what you are doing!! Love mom

Anonymous said...

At first I thought you all were in some weird costumes then realized it must be raining. Have a good week at home thanks for the blogging it was great to see what you did so far away from hone. Sunday sept13 Love MOM