Wednesday, March 5, 2008

"Up in the night"

Have you ever heard the expression "up in the night" before? Well, I believe it means something like "you must be crazy."

What do these two people have in common?

You say, I must be up in the night to find anything in common here. Well, you'd be right, literally. My sweet daughter snores like a truck driver and keeps me up into the night!

Do they make childsize nose strips?

Even Dave can hear her sometimes, and we all know he is DEAF.


Annee said...

What's this?! I had no idea you had a blog too? Perhaps I've never asked, but somehow I thought you would mention it :) Maybe Rachel needs her tonsils out? It significantly reduced Jane's snoring issues.

P.S. I love your new bedding. I meant to tell you that the last time I was at your house. It is a fresh breath of spring!