Sunday, March 9, 2008

Spy Games?!?

I could not find the children this morning after showering and it was strangely quiet. Dave headed outside to shovel so I went in search of the threesome. They were nowhere to be found. Finally, I noticed an open window in the guest room when I ventured outside. I followed up by finding the guest room locked from the outside (kind of a freaky for our guests!) and no children inside. Looks like they had climbed out the window. Why aren't they somewhere closeby and why aren't they answering?!

Dave yells to me from the front yard to come quick with the camera.

Here's what you do on a snowy Sunday morning when church does not start until 1pm and you happen to be spies: you lock yourself in the guest room and open the window. You build a fort and then a way to get out the window. You climb out the window and travel from the backyard to the front door without being caught and without touching snow. And then you run back to the guest room and go in through the locked door to do it again. Of course. And definitely, you do it without putting clothes on.

And here I was worried...


Becky said...

Sounds like Spy Kids has come to the Newton home! Never a dull moment in parenthood, I say.

carrie said...

That is so cute! I can't believe the naked-ness!!!!!!! I love it. I'm back up and running by the way finally, I know I'm a loser.

Annee said...

That's cute that they let Rachel play too. I can't imagine why it was necessary to leave the shirts off, but who can guess with boys. That's too funny.

Lori said...

I figured out how to leave comments! It helps to sign up.. I thought I saw some half dressed kids running thru the trees.

Kim said...

What's shocking is how long they actually played before I tracked them down. Jake figures five trips around the yard and probably 45 minutes. Have they ever played nicely for so long without parental intervention-I mean WITH Rachel? She tends to start know, when everything doesn't go her way..."Ben be naughty me!"

Laura said...

Too cute!! 45 minutes in the snow with hardly any clothes on .. that's amazing not just for ingenuity but also stamina. Brrrrr.