Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Songbird Bedding

This is my new bedding for spring/summer...and maybe forever considering the investment! Dave is the one who picked it out and informed me he didn't like the old bedding. After he said that, I started to hate it too. Which is not like me. But for some reason after he told me it looked cheap (which it was) I couldn't help but see how bad it looked. It was like a window opened or something and I could see it clearly for the first time. There's an episode of "How I Met Your Mother" called Spoiler Alert that talks about this exact thing. It's hilarious.
In any case, I LOVE the new bedding-it makes me feel like I'm in an expensive hotel! The new sheets are from Costco and they are fabulous(and on sale now on their website). My husband certainly has good taste, if a bit feminine...Lucky, lucky ME!


carrie said...

Nice and floral. Sean wouldn't pick out anything that spring-y your very lucky. I just got a duvet cover for my bed, cause my comforter was trashed and didn't want to get a new one just yet. Its plain red though. What a contrast we are. I will post something soon I promise. Hope all is well. Love Carrie

Grandma said...

Love the new bedding. So cheerful. Now if the snow would just melt everywhere. We did have about 56 degrees today though, and the sun is shining. But we can't get too excited, as there is another storm predicted tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

your new bedding is really really pretty yellow is such a nice color i see you got a new picture for over your bed too nice! i finally got a new bedspread and pillow shams i was going to wait until summer but i'm doing a quilting thing in march so i'm putting it on for that plus you inspired me love,mom.