Friday, February 22, 2008

Jake's Kind Heart

Jake had to write a "thank you" letter to someone who works at his school for an english assignment. This is what he wrote to an aide-type person: (I hope he doesn't mind me sharing.)

Dear Mrs. Hays,

I’m very glad that you could work in our school. When people are feeling glum you will always smile when they pass. You will brighten my day with that one small deed. Sometimes it has been the only good thing in my day. I think you are a great person and you really make my day with your kindness.

Jake Newton

What a sweet and kind boy, even at 12 years old! Middle school is not easy but he's doing it with such grace--we're so proud.


Jennifer said...

Jake is so cute. What a sweet boy.

Grandma said...

nJake is just so kind and awesome. This reminds me of the poem he wrote with the letters of "Grandma". I miss the kids so much.

Anonymous said...

gotta love jake
he really always has been a really
good kid where did he come from? just kidding love mom/g-lo