Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The "Future" is Coming

You know the first time in December when you buy milk and the "use by" date is after Christmas and it gives you a little fright?  You think, "That's just around the corner.  I better get moving."  Well, today I had a frightening moment. 

 I went to make some frozen fish for dinner and the "use by" date said June 10, 2014.  It occurred to me that Jake will have graduated from high school by that time!  Holy smokes.  I know it's not milk and it's more than a year away but it shook me up a bit nonetheless.  "That's just around the corner and there's A LOT to be done between now and then..."

What lessons do I need to teach before then?  What values have I missed imparting?  Will he know where to turn when things are complicated?  Will I know how to help an "adult"?  Almost scarier than a room full of unwrapped presents in the middle of December...

Just my thoughts this cold January evening...plus the thought that I need to find some vegetables to serve with these fish and chips.