Tuesday, November 3, 2009

One Unforgettable Event from 2009

On Thursday night, October 29th, we headed out to swim team in spite of the snow. School had been cancelled for two days but the roads did not seem that terrible to me. On Dublin Blvd, another car lost control and flew over the median and head-on into our van. The Nissan SUV then spun around and forced us into a tree. The kids and I were thankfully kept safe inside the faithful Toyota Sienna with the airbags deployed. We feel so blessed.

This is what the other guy looked like. He happened to walk away safely also.

Now it is on to dealing with insurance companies and picking out a new car!

The following day I saved the van from being crushed mistakenly because I showed up to empty out some of my things. It was not at the lot where they'd towed it because it was being transported to a wrecking yard, instead of another van that insurance had already "totalled out."

Can you imagine that nightmare? The car gets crushed before insurance can see it! That was close. Just another thing to be thankful for this year.

I'll never forget how I spent my 39th birthday feeling a bit older perhaps (with soreness in my neck and shoulder) and quite a bit more humble. Life can indeed change in an instant.
P.S.- Just to reiterate--no one was hurt in the accident. Jake and I had minor scrapes and bruises and a few sore muscles. Ben had one bruise from his seat belt and Rachel was completely unharmed. Amazing, really.


Rob said...

That is so scary! Dad called me to let me know about your accident last night, but I (as usual) didn't get around to calling you to ask about it. Glad to know everyone is OK. So now you get to think about what car to get - almost like a birthday present! I hope it was a good one (birthday - not car accident). Love you.

Lori said...

Those pictures are scary! (is the shoulder pain keeping you up at 3 am)?

Becky said...

SO amazing! I am so glad none of you were seriously injured. BTW, I hope you had a great birthday!

Bret and Sarah said...

Oh kim...next time just tell Dave that you want a new car, I'm sure he would've just bought you one! Do you really need to go to such extremes? Geesh!!

I am so glad you are all ok! How scary for you AND the kids! Someone is watching over you, that's for sure! Love you!

Kurt Uccello said...

i had no idea it was even snowing out there. Car accidents....Yikes

carrie said...

glad you're all ok! and i know i called, text and facebooked you, but again happy birthday. not the way to spend a birthday all sore and saving your car from being crushed but i hope you at least got cake :)

Coon Family said...

Oh My goodness! Glad you are okay. What is your next vehicle of choice?

Anonymous said...

what can i say that hasn't been said? so glad you are all ok and i love you guys a whole bunch!! life is so unexpected as we have found out this last few weeks also. i guess you just have to have faith that everything is how it is supposed to be and go on. love you all MOM

Annee said...

That is so scary!!! I'm nearly speechless.

I can't believe they were seriously about to crush the car BEFORE the insurance saw it.

I'm so relieved that no one was hurt. That really is a miracle.