Sunday, September 21, 2008

Air Force Football

I love football. I've loved football for many, many years. Here's a shout out to my all-time favorite player, David Chrzanowski, #22 for NFA 1984-86.

Norwich Free Academy campus, a high school near mine that actually had a football team.

Jake gave up on football while I was away at Education Week. I like to think that if I were here I could've talked him out of quiting, but the truth is he never really loved it. Too bad because I would be a football mom to be reckoned with...not unlike an Alaskan hockey mom, really.

Rachel really enjoying the game.

Saturday we attended the AFA game against the U of U. It was fun and Utah won, 30-23. I really am comfortable rooting against Utah in any setting so it was a bit disappointing to see Air Force lose. We can't wait to go to the BYU game where we will have to cheer BYU on to another major win! Go Cougars. (We'll leave Rachel home for that one.)

Rachel slept through the last half of the game, and it was LOUD.

One thing I absolutely love about this place (Colorado Springs) is the overwhelming patriotism. With the Air Force Academy, NORAD, and Fort Carson all right here, there's no shame in shedding a tear during the national anthem. Whenever we have the opportunity to go to a game I get all puffed up and proud just being in the presence of such devoted servicemen and women. I'm so happy to raise my kids in a place where country does indeed come first.

A beautiful day at a football game and another proud day to be American.


Becky said...

How fun to be able to cheer on BYU at a football game. They rarely come down here to play. I guess because they are not in the same league or whatever they call it. Give an extra cheer for me when you go.

Kim E. said...

Looks like fun. We thought about going to the U of U - Air Force game, but we didn't think about it until it was too late. I would have loved to cheer on my alma mater. We might go to the BYU game because tickets are only $5.

Annee said...

Are you just posting these pictures to make me cry?!