Saturday, May 31, 2008

Movin' On

I hate change. I try to tell myself that EVERYONE hates change but that doesn't seem to make it any easier to move on.

Some of our good friends are leaving for South Korea in couple of days. Our friends are lucky enough to be returning here, a place they love, in two years. We're so glad!...and it makes the good-byes easier because we will be anxiously awaiting their return.

At the same time, this change reminds me of the summer we left Kaysville behind. I'm still a bit sad that we will never return to the beloved blue house and our dear friends and family there. After three years you would think I would be over it...but the truth is I still fondly recall my Utah hairdresser every time I need a cut and color. I long for bike parades around the block and popsicles shared on the front porch. I miss swim parties at Layton Surf-N-Swim, despite the overly chlorinated water. I miss flowering plum trees and building snowmen with the Egans.

The Egan's visit in October 2005

Just as it was a difficult transition from college life to post-college life, so it is with the transition to Colorado Springs--a necessary but painful move. I'll never forget the blue house and my dear friends. We miss being close to the "Newton Farm" and all the wonderful things that go with it...

I'm really terrible at moving on but maybe, just maybe, I'm ready to look back with fond memories and not have any regrets about where I am now. All without feeling like I am betraying the memory of the blue house.


Godspeed to the Earnests. We look forward to making many more great memories with you when you return. Thanks for helping this feel like home when we were so homesick. We'll miss you terribly.


Annee said...

Great post Kim. I love the picture of the blue house. Nothing is ever the same as time passes, but I hope that some friendships can remain constant. See you in a few!