Sunday, April 20, 2008

Weekend Warrior

This is what a weekend warrior looks like on Sunday morning at 8:30a.m.

Dave has not gotten a lot of press time on this blog so I decided this morning was the perfect time to capture him "in action".

Dave spent this weekend overexerting himself, as usual...He went with me to play games at our friends' house Friday night, immediately after returning from work. Saturday morning, early, he went skateboarding in Manitou Springs. He made it to the last half of Jake's football game. Came home to do some major yard work in the backyard. The chainsaw was involved.

He then managed to get the boys outside to help with some spring cleanup. (Which everyone knows is much harder than just doing it yourself!)

He went to the park to rollerblade before Ben's soccer game at 5p.m. Watched Ben's game. Blocked shots and shot goals on Ben after the game for half an hour. Stopped at the store for a few groceries. Made his famous lil' smokies (with the sterno) appetizer. Took a much needed shower and headed to Sig's house to catch some pay-per-view UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) fights.

Home by midnight but too wound up to sleep. Ate 2/3 of a carton a Ben & Jerry's chocolate fudge brownie ice cream and watched Saturday Night Live.

No wonder he's tired on Sundays and requires multiple doses of ibuprofen!

He is my favorite maniac in the whole world.


Laura said...

Amazing. Is there another word to describe it? That man will never grow old - he's too active for time to catch up with him! ;o)

By the way, we had a blast with you guys!!! I hope you're up for another round some time! A four way tie is no way to end a game night. ;o)

eganautomotivefamily said...

We have a mom on community council from Colorado who is trying to get the stacking cups integrated in our school. Are your kids enjoying them? It hasn't really caught on here.